Stem Cell Therapy Trial Offers Hope To Osteoarthritis Patients – Clinical Leader

Ed Miseta

By Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, Clinical Leader
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Fraudulent companies promising false cures for patients are a black eye for the pharmaceutical industry. For that reason, many companies are applauding the FDA’s recent crackdown on stem cell clinics that tout treatments with no data to back up their claims. One of those companies is Cynata Therapeutics.

“We know there are clinics offering treatments that are unproven,” says Ross Macdonald, CEO and managing director at Cynata. “Whether those treatments involve stem cells or not, they should be a concern to all of us. The issue is one that relates to loopholes in various legislative provisions around medical and pharmaceutical products.”

In some cases, loopholes can be a good thing. For example, one loophole allows a physician to use a patient’s own material body parts to repair and restore function elsewhere on their body, such as the use of a skin graft. If the material is handled in a sterile fashion, and the physician is adequately trained, the procedure will not come under any scrutiny and will not hamper