Stem cells to treat post COVID-19 lung disease in Cuba – Granma English

Clinical trials on the use of adult stem cells in patients with post COVID-19 lung disease began on May 5 at the Institute of Haematology and Immunology. Photo: Courtesy of the Institute of Haematology and Immunology

Studies conducted in different countries have corroborated that a certain number of patients recovered from COVID-19, mainly those who reached serious condition requiring admission to intensive care units, presenting some type of long-term effect, particularly lung lesions.

Taking into account reports issued on the subject by prestigious international scientific centers, Cuba has also been paying special attention to the medical follow-up of discharged patients, with the aim of detecting in time any damage to the lungs, and preventing its progression toward irreversible respiratory insufficiency.

Among such efforts is the novel clinical trial recently begun at the National Institute of Haematology and Immunology (IHI) of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), under the direction of Dr. Consuelo Macías Abraham, director of the institution, who responded to Granma’s questionnaire as follows:

– What is the nature of the clinical trial being conducted at IHI?

It consists of using adult stem cells in the COVID-19 convalescent patient with proven lung lesions. We have been able to include in the study patients who were in serious or critical condition during their hospitalization, presenting acute respiratory symptoms. In these patients, the presence of inflammatory or fibrotic lesions, as long term consequences of infection by the new coronavirus, were detected by means of the