Letters to the Editor – Hilton Head Monthly

When COVID-19 hit our community, I shared my thoughts about the seriousness of the virus and urged others to do their part to stop the spread, if not for themselves, then for all of those at high risk and those battling the virus on the front lines. 

Our own healthcare heroes urged others to stay home so that they could stay at the hospital and help patients, echoing the voices of healthcare workers, leaders and infectious disease experts around the globe. They urged, we complied, and it ultimately flattened the curve. 

Now that every state has eased or lifted some restrictions in hopes of putting people back to work and boosting the economy, we must remember that opening the doors to business doesn’t mean we have closed the doors on COVID-19. 

An increase in cases is inevitable, but we can still control its impact on our community. If we remain vigilant, continue to social distance, mask up and follow hand hygiene and infection prevention recommendations, we can prevent a flare up and preserve all the great work done to this point. 

No matter your age or your politics, your behavior will make the difference. The choices you make will either prevent or promote the spread of COVID-19. It is your choice and for everyone’s sake, I hope you choose wisely. 

Russell Baxley
President and CEO, Beaufort Memorial Hospital


As an emergency physician on the frontlines of the COVID-19 epidemic who also works at the Fraum Center