Maltese Clinic’s Stem Cell Therapy Adverts Found In Breach Of Broadcasting Law – Lovin Malta

Stem cell therapy adverts by a Maltese clinic can no longer be shown on TV after the Broadcasting Authority ruled they break the law.

St Mary’s Clinic, a medical clinic in Mosta, offers stem cell therapy and has been broadcasting adverts of people recounting how their health problems have improved since receiving the treatment.

Some scientists believe stem cells, the human body’s ‘raw cells’ before they become specialised, can be used to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, type 1 diabetes, spinal cord injuries and even Alzheimer’s disease.

However, they haven’t been officially proved as effective and remain experimental.

Indeed, the Broadcasting Authority said the Public Health Department informed them there was a lack of scientific evidence proving the efficacy of stem cell therapy, which placed the clinic’s adverts in breach of the broadcasting law regulating the participation of medical professionals.

It also warned the adverts could be in breach of the law regulating tissues and cells, because they didn’t indicate who the stem cells in question belonged to.

“We therefore oblige you to stop broadcasting these adverts immediately so there won’t be any need for ulterior action from our end.”