Fighting Disease with Developments to Stem Cell Research –

Using stem cell research, insights into a number of diseases have been acquired. Recent technological advances have enhanced stem cell research enormously. The advantages of real-time imaging and analysis of cells within the incubator are highlighted in the ebook.

Fighting Disease with Developments to Stem Cell Research

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The technology has helped many researchers to further elucidate cancer stem cells, the immune system, neurological diseases, chemotherapy side effects, and more. Topics which are covered include:

  • The examination of the neurotoxic effects of chemotherapy drugs and how this is affected by the genetics of a patient
  • How human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived neurons have been utilized for long-term, real-time, quantitative analysis of neuronal cell health
  • The employment of time-lapse imaging to examine stem cell colony formation and the individual fates of single cancer stem cells
  • Acquire instant access to this comprehensive resource, to help understand how the advances in stem cell research can help fast track the fight against a large scope of diseases.
  • Ways in which real-time, live-cell imaging has resulted in a better dynamic understanding of the immune system and better immunotherapies

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