Coffee enemas and stem cell injections: The life of a biohacker – Wales Online

He has spent $15,000 having stem cells injected into his body and considers weekly coffee enemas the norm.

Sensory deprivation tanks, constant testing, and clothing designed to block electromagnetic fields are also routine for Welshman Kris Gethin – a man who says he has a ‘biological age’ of 25 despite being 46 years old.

While it might not be common practice for many for the world-famous fitness guru these are just some of the many elements biohackers like him have to consider to understand and optimiae the body in a way that has never been done before.

It’s a long way away from the boy who grew up in the Powys countryside of Llandrindod Wells.

Once considered a practice exclusively for the multimillionaires and big-thinkers of Silicon Valley, biohacking has made the headlines in recent years by individuals taking it to the extreme. Alongside talk of gene editing, terms such as transhumanists – those who put implants such as chips into their body – are banded about, including one man who now has a built-in compass in his chest which will vibrate every time he faces north.

But although it may sound like stuff of the future it’s a way of life that is gaining increasing momentum during a time where our health is more precious than ever before.

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