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Going all the way back to 1974, Republicans have been trying to ban or at least hinder stem cell research. Stem cells are special because they can replicate themselves or become specialized cells. Implanted stem cells can be used to replace bone marrow and heart cells. The controversy is because stem cells are gathered from fertilized embryos.

Although initially gathered from aborted fetuses, they are now largely produced in the lab. During the Bush administration there was a concerted effort to stop any federal funding of stem cell research. The irony is, of course, that Regeneron was developed from fetal cells that were harvested long ago. Yet the Trump administration and Republicans are continuing to try to prohibit stem cell research, especially any that would use newly aborted fetuses.

Ignoring the fact that the bible actually doesn’t consider a fetus alive until it draws its first breath (Genesis 2:7) the miracle is that despite efforts to prevent it, modern medicine was able to provide Donald Trump’s “miracle cure.” And not one word of protest from right-to-life Republicans.

Raymond Castro